Wellness Focused Interior Design- The Role of Crystals in a Home

Jul 29, 2023

It’s super important to make your home a safe and cozy place. Wellness Focused  interior design is all about making your home look good, but also thinking about how it can make you feel good too. It’s all about promoting wellness and helping you live a happy and fulfilling life . One way to do this is by adding crystals to your home. Crystals can totally change the way your home feels. They can make it look cool and interesting, and they can also bring good vibes that help you feel balanced and relaxed On this blog, we’re going to talk about how crystals can transform your home and bring positive energy


Did you know that the way we design our rooms can actually help us feel better? It’s true! Let’s take a look at this Chinese practice called Feng Shui that can promote wellness through interior design.

Feng Shui is all about creating a balance between our living spaces and nature. It’s like making friends with the energy around us. We do this by arranging our furniture and designing our rooms in a special way. This helps us tap into the world’s energy force called chi. Chi is like a superpower that can make us feel good and healthy.

There are two types of chi we need to know about. The first one is called Sheng chi, which is positive energy. It’s like a big bowl of nourishing soup for our well-being. We want to invite this energy into our rooms because it makes us feel alive and happy.

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The second type of chi is called Sha chi, and it’s the opposite of Sheng chi. Sha chi is negative energy that can make us feel tired or even sick. We definitely don’t want this energy in our rooms, so we need to banish it!

By using Feng Shui, we can create a space that welcomes the good energy and keeps away the bad energy. So, let’s get creative and design our rooms in a way that makes us feel awesome! There are two main types of chi, or energy, that interact with the energy flowing through our bodies. This energy is sometimes called chakras, which comes from ancient Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. These energies can either make us feel better or worse mentally. Feng shui is a practice that helps balance these energies by clearing out the negative ones and bringing in positive ones.

One way to work with these ideas is by bringing crystals into your home. This is a way of using traditional Feng shui to improve your well-being.

Crystals are not only good for your energy, but they also look amazing  as decorations in your house. You can use them as furniture, accessories, or even as artwork.

Did you know that crystals have been used for healing since ancient times? They are these cool patterns of atoms that are made deep inside the Earth and can take millions of years to form.

Even today, people still use crystals in natural therapy because they believe that crystals have their own special energy. These energies can interact with the energies in our bodies and help fix any problems we might have, like physical pain or feeling down.

Now, here’s something interesting. In holistic interior design, we can actually use crystals to make our homes feel even better! By adding crystals to our home decor, we can create a flow of good energy and promote wellness. Sounds awesome, right? Keep reading to learn more about how to do it.


If you want to find the perfect crystal for your room, there are a couple of ways to do it. One way is to go to a store and actually see and touch the crystals. Pay attention to how you feel when you touch them and see if any of them catch your eye.

If you can’t go to a store, you can read about the different properties of crystals. Think about what kind of energy you want in your room and look for crystals that have that kind of energy.

Lastly, think about how the crystal will fit in with the style of your room. It’s not just about the energy, but also about how it looks. You want a crystal that not only feels good but also looks nice in your room. This will help bring wellness to your life in all areas.

Check out our awesome guide to six super cool healing crystals for your home! We’ve matched each crystal with a room where it can bring some amazing vibes:

Amethyst – ‘The Protector’

Perfect for chilling out in your bedroom

It’s a pretty purple color

Helps you relax and feel positive and calm

Citrine – ‘The Energizer’

Great for getting pumped up in the morning at your vanity or in the bathroom

It’s a bright yellow color

Brings joy, success, and good luck

Gets rid of bad vibes so you can be happy and optimistic

Helps you achieve your goals and bring in lots of good stuff

Clear Quartz – ‘The Master Healer’

Awesome for your home office to help you focus and concentrate

It’s clear, like a crystal ball

Makes your intentions stronger

Protects you from negative energy around you

Brings peace and clears your mind

Helps you stay on track and get rid of any mental blocks

Smokey Quartz is like a superhero that helps get rid of bad vibes in busy places like the hallway or living room. It’s a cool brown to grey color and it makes you feel calm and peaceful. It also helps you think positive thoughts.

Labradorite is another awesome crystal that gives you strength and confidence when you’re getting ready in the downstairs powder room. It has flashes of blue and gold that make it look really cool. It helps you trust your gut feelings and believe in yourself. It’s like a superhero that kicks fear out of your mind and makes you feel calm and peaceful.

Pyrite is a super cool crystal that looks like beautiful brass with black veins. It’s perfect for fancy artwork. It gives you a burst of energy and makes you feel alive. It’s like a superhero that fills you up with good vibes and makes you feel nourished.

So there you have it! These crystals are like little magic rocks that can bring positive energy to different rooms in your house. Give them a try and see how they make you feel!

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