OfCourse Wellness Approach to Design

A home is the looking glass which reflects one’s interests, beliefs, doubts, spirit and our passion. It tells the story about how we feel about ourself as well as the world around us . 

Everything in the world is composed of constantly changing energy, including your home and its content. This energy can profoundly influence your ability to be healthy, loving, creative and abundant.

As an Interior Designer, I have found that many clients are surrounded by things that they don’t feel connected to, and asking themself, why? The change from extrinsic influences to intrinsic sensitivity is where holistic interior design flourishes. The holistic designer brings a positive and balanced approach to all spaces which in turn draws a parallel between home, lifestyle and energy.

Holistic Interior Design, or wellbeing design, is an approach to interior design that supports the wellness of the mind, body and soul. Because this is a multidisciplinary field, it combines biophilic design, color psychology, human biology and ergonomics which is taught in each of our modules. With interiors designed with a holistic approach, it ensures we can relax in a nurtured environment that will boast comfort, productivity and balance to live a more meaningful and gratifying fife.

Learning what questions to ask – is essential to holistic interior design.

Some questions might be :

  • What’s the purpose of your interior design project?
  • Is it comfortable for children or the elderly?
  • If your client works from home, will they need a quiet room to work in?  Perhaps a home office or a library?
  • Or is it a commercial interior design project, such as a medical center or a restaurant?

Answering these questions will define the amount and type of furnishings as well as the materials.

It will also help you to optimize the space and to choose colors and textures, for instance.

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