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Ready to become a confident designer and start your interior design business in just 6 months without a degree?

Our online course, coaching, and certification can help you achieve your dreams of starting your own design business so you can create a life you’re passionate about!

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My Story

Meet Joy

My name is Joy Nan Rodia, and I am the creator of OfCourse Interior Design Academy.

I invite you into the OfCourse Interior Design Academy fold, where we are so much more than a place for lessons and homework.

We represent hope, freedom, beauty, inspiration, self-discovery, creativity, and of course, good old fashion fun.

I did one thing that allowed me to leave my well-paid, joyless corporate job, and start my dream interior design business.

What You Need to Know

Invest in Yourself

Whether you’re an aspiring designer, home stager, career transitioner or have a passion for interior design , I would like to share some insights and reasons to consider interior design as a career path. So, let’s dive in!

Why Study with Us?

We’re passionate about providing a cutting-edge, industry-focused education and a personal, inspiring experience. Whether you’re a renovator, a career changer or already working…

What You Will Learn

OfCourse Interior Design Academy fosters creativity, passion, research and expertise in multiple areas of interior design that empowers YOU to create spaces with increased performance, improved health…


Whether you’ve always had a passion for transforming spaces or you’re just starting to explore this creative field, let me guide you through the steps to kickstart your career as an interior decorator…

And There’s More…


These are the questions we get asked often.   Please review our Frequently Asked Questions to see if we may have already answered any questions or concerns…


Finding Your Calm

For a space to better support you and your family and their needs, it is best to view your home as idiosyncratic and a  constantly evolving organism – just as we ourselves are…



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