How OfCourse's Wellness Focused Online Design Training Works

OfCourse Design Academy’s online training  provides you with a classroom-like education from the comforts of your home.

Life can be hectic, and that’s why our online course can be completed in your own time and at your own pace. OfCourse Interior Design Academy provides you with hands-on training and personal feedback every step of the way.

Step 1

Our course offers a wellness focused approach to interior design that will provide students with hands-on assignments and personalized feedback , from Joy Nan Rodia , Founder and Interior Designer of Ofcourse Interior Design Academy …And will be with you every step of the way.

Step 2

Access our design course materials by enrolling in OfCourse Interior Design Academy which will give you access to our online course content, assignments, videos and more. Easy and convenient access to everything you need to complete your course!

Step 3

Submit your assignment

After completing each module, you will submit your design assignment through our online portal and it will be sent directly to me . I will evaluate your work and give my expert opinion within 48 hours.

Review your evaluation

Feedback aids in identifying areas of opportunity and highlights your strengths. These suggestions will improve your skills. You will build on what you’ve learned as you move through our course and develop your skills as a professional interior decorator.


Once you have successfully completed all of your assignments and projects, you’ll be all set to graduate from Of Course Interior Design Academy. Your certificate of completion will be sent to you so you can begin your exciting journey as an interior decorator.

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