The Jazzy World of Holistic Interior Design

Jun 14, 2024

Interior design is a lot like jazz music – there are countless styles and interpretations, each with its own unique vibe. You’ve got your smooth “Kenny G” contemporary design that soothes like an easy listening station. Then there’s the bold, avant-garde bebop style that shakes things up like Don Draper sipping an old fashioned. Or the fun, retro swing revival look that will have you dancing around in 90s vintage threads.  

Just as jazz spans a spectrum of sounds and moods, holistic interior design aims to hit all the right notes for complete mind-body-soul wellness. At its core, the holistic approach considers how a space’s energy impacts the physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of its inhabitants.

 Finding Your Groove: The Principles of Holistic Design

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Energy Balance

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Like an orchestra tuning before a performance, holistic design strives to clear and harmonize the subtle energy fields within a space. When energy is out of whack, it can manifest as anxiety, fatigue, and even illness. Feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice of enhancing energy flow, is a cornerstone of this approach.

Mind, Body, Soul

A holistic space nurtures all aspects of human wellness. It calms the mind through considered color psychology and biophilic elements. It soothes the body with sustainable, non-toxic materials. And it uplifts the soul through spiritual symbolism and sacred geometry inspired by nature’s interconnected patterns.

Personal Attunement

Different Types Of Stones

Like an improvised jazz riff, holistic design embraces individual expression and beliefs. It may incorporate crystals, astrology, color therapy, or any number of energy modalities aligned with the occupant’s spiritual leanings. The key is tailoring the space to harmonize with its inhabitants.

Crafting Your Signature Sound

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In this jazzy world of holistic interior design, there’s no single “right” way. It’s an exploratory journey of blending principles, materials, and personal philosophies into your own unique aesthetic. One that soothes souls and energizes wellbeing through the power of intentional space.

So embrace your inner improviser. Study the fundamentals, then remix them into fresh new expressions. Because at the end of the riff, the purpose of holistic design is to create balanced, soul-nurturing spaces that have inhabitants saying “Wow, this place just feels…right.”

Here are some practical steps to start a holistic interior design business:

1. Define your holistic design philosophy and approach. Determine what modalities like feng shui, color therapy, sacred geometry, etc. you want to incorporate into your practice. Develop a clear vision for how you will create balanced, wellness-focused spaces.

2. Get training and certifications. Consider getting certified in specialties like feng shui, biophilic design, or green/sustainable design to bolster your holistic expertise.

3. Build your portfolio. Create a portfolio showcasing your holistic design work and approach. Include before/after photos and details on how you enhanced energy flow, used natural materials,

4. Develop your services and pricing. Decide what holistic design services you’ll offer like space clearing, energy balancing consultations, full-service sustainable design, etc. Create pricing packages accordingly.

5. Write a business plan. Outline your target market, unique selling proposition, services, pricing, marketing strategies, startup costs, and financial projections.

6. Get licensed and insured. Research licensing requirements for interior designers in your area. Obtain business insurance to protect against liability.

7. Build an online presence. Create a professional website and social media showcasing your holistic design philosophy and work. Use SEO tactics targeting “holistic interior design” keywords.

8. Network and market. Attend industry events, join organizations like the International Interior Design Association, and market your holistic services through channels like email, social media, etc.

9. Establish vendor relationships. Cultivate relationships with vendors offering sustainable, non-toxic and energy-balancing products/materials aligned with holistic design.

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