The Interior Design Experience Podcast

#6 – Creating a Sanctuary of Well-Being in your Bathroom through Multi-Sensory Design

May 2, 2023

In search of bathroom bliss and the ultimate bathroom experience for renewal and escape ? On this episode , we dive into how to create a multi sensory experience at home in your very own bathroom . How do you make your bathroom feel like a spa ? It is becoming increasingly important that a well designed bathroom should offer tranquility and a place for respite where overworked senses can be restored. Bathrooms are an essential part of daily life from the moment you jump into the shower in the morning to brushing your teeth before hopping into a bed at night. While well designed bath and wellness products that are easy to use and maintain are essential for functionality when they are enhanced with texture, sound , scents and lighting ,the functional bathroom space is transformed into a true multi-sensory experience.

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