The Interior Design Experience Podcast

#5 – Designing a Kitchen for a Nourishing Life

Apr 21, 2023

In this episode, we delve into the critical intersection of wellness and kitchen design. We discuss valuable insights and techniques to create a space that encourages healthy eating habits, fosters positive associations with food, and supports a balanced lifestyle. The kitchen is the perfect space where form marries function . It’s a place to work, relax, to nourish and to prepare . The wellness focused kitchen is more than a pretty space. A healthy kitchen is a social kitchen. You want to be drawn into your kitchen through natural light, warm tones, plant life, and lack of visual clutter.

You also want to have a good layout that will draw others in as well, creating a social space. Creating a kitchen that you enjoy being in will encourage healthy cooking and healthy eating habits.

Imagine if our kitchens were designed in a way that supported our lifestyles and provided sustenance for our inner selves.

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