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#26- Grounding : Connecting You to Your Higher Self and Home

Feb 23, 2024

Feeling flustered, agitated and all over the place? Chances are you and your home or office lacks the nourishment, stability and support of the Earth Element.

Technology and the modern world has a way of inadvertently disconnecting us from nature – so it’s important we find ways to reconnect as much as possible. The Earth Element is believed to play a key role in maintaining hope, health, and inner balance as well as grounding and increasing mental activity.

On this episode, we will be diving into how engaging in grounding practices helps us tune into our bodies and into the Earth element and our homes. Which can sometimes feel really difficult when you spend most of your energy in your head or trying to force your body into a box that it doesn’t want to be in.

But it’s the Earth element that will help us balance out a racing mind and emotional overwhelm as well and fill our homes with earth decor elements .

Some key ways to quickly (and inexpensively) introduce the Earth Element to your home include:

– Colors: sand, beige, terracotta, taupe, earth-tones

– Shapes: squares, rectangles, flat surfaces, horizontal lines

– Materials: stones, crystals, ceramics, pottery, brick, earthenware, natural fibers, tile

– Lighting: crystal chandeliers, salt rock lamps, warm light

– Furnishings: yellow pillows, sandy rugs, cozy blankets

– Art: depicting landscape, fertile ground, little or no green/blue

– Furniture: dense, heavy, substantial, low to the ground

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