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#23 – Embracing the Future of Interior Design: Trends to Watch in 2024

Dec 16, 2023

Interested in being in the “know” about the interior design trends that we will be embracing in 2024 ? We will continue to see designs trending out of grays and into browns. Not only will this be seen in fabrics and textiles but also in cabinetry and case goods. This wave of chocolate neutrals has also been noted by a survey on design trends the New York Design Center conducted.

These interior design trends for 2024 are going to change the way you use colors, textures, accessories, and moods, to shape the way you dress your space.

How people want to decorate has recently shifted. For a start, we’re all craving a better outlook, and part of achieving that is to condition your brain to think more positively, which you can do by surrounding yourself with things that make you feel happy.

Cocktail cabinets that move and rotate, furniture that’s geared towards sitting together and being convivial…anything that is a bit playful, glamorous, and dramatic is in.

Tune into our latest episode to get the “411 “ on what interior designing will look and feel like in 2024.

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