The Interior Design Experience Podcast

#2 – How Intentional Design Will Make You Happier and Productive

Jan 5, 2023

Intentional & wellness focused design matter. The impact of our intimate spaces are shaped by our design decisions. Being aware of the emotions our spaces elicit—emotions we absorb , both day and night is very crucial to find a mindful balanced way of living . This will result in optimizing the quality of our lives. On this episode you will discover how the spaces you live in reflect you,as well as the feelings they provoke …so you will be able to carry these feelings with you all day and night. We want to create an environment of beauty, comfort, joy, energy, and also of positivity. 

When it’s time to deal with difficult emotions, this environment should be a space that nurtures and supports us.

It is easy to become so familiar with our surroundings to the point where we don’t even notice its beauty anymore. 

But when we do take the time to live in the moment— contemplating color, form, the flow of light, or the play of shadow—such thinking can bring us stillness and peace. It can flood our bodies with joy and energy. Sources from Episode,activity%2C%20and%20seasonal%20affective%20disorder.

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