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#19 – From Chaos to Contentment: The Art of Embracing Slow Living at Home

Oct 23, 2023

Sometimes, you just have to slow down. 
In today’s constantly-connected world, it can be a real challenge – a seemingly impossible feat.

We’re always on the move, chasing the next promotion at work or milestone in life.

We fill our days with plans and obligations and cram as many activities into our weekends as we can manage.

We’re constantly racing from one goal to the next, hardly stopping to celebrate our progress or achievements.

Rest can be challenging to come by in our driven world.

And while a unique few can thrive under these conditions, living this way leaves the majority of us exhausted. 

Tune into this episode where we explore the slow living movement and how to live more intentional lives as we embrace the Fall Season and get our homes and ourselves ready for the change of seasons.

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