The Interior Design Experience Podcast

#13 – Acoustic Aesthetics: The Intersection Between Sound and Design

Aug 17, 2023

Sound has an impact on how we perceive a space and produce feelings of comfort, belonging, and safety. Its power is so great that it has shown 86 percent of people exposed to a pleasant sound in a certain place feel compelled to return. Given its ability to have such a positive effect on our environment, we hope that you are already asking yourself how you can integrate sound into your home interiors. It is important to remember that it shouldn’t be the main feature of a space. Sound and music should be felt rather than heard, meaning that, designing a space as an immersive experience is the ideal approach.
Just like curated decor can elevate your home, being intentional about the sounds you choose to embrace in your space can help turn it into a sanctuary.
On this episode, we talk about how to craft a positive auditory environment using the connection between sound, emotion, and health. Tune in to find out ways to use soundscapes to curate a more inviting space.

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