How To Create a Personal Home Retreat

May 9, 2024

Choose a Space

Choose a room that feels comfortable, and that is adaptable to meet your needs. Avoid choosing a room that is the center of activity in your home. Choose a space that lends itself to being quiet and more private. A corner of your bedroom, an extra bedroom, or a sun room are all good choices for a home retreat. As you take a look around, notice where you would have enough room to create a space that isn’t cramped or limiting in how your retreat may be used. Consider whether or not you have room for art supplies, books, a chair, a yoga practice- enough space for whatever meets your needs.

Clear Your Space

It is hard to calm the mind and body when you’re surrounded by clutter and excess stuff without purpose. Having to constantly push things out of the way when you want to spend time in your retreat can take you out of the present moment and brings your focus elsewhere quickly. Clearing your space and removing distractions is key to keeping your retreat convenient and calming.

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Setting Up the Space

What you need in your personal space depends on your tastes and preferences and how you will use the space. Everyone will want and need something different to create a relaxing retreat. A meditation pillow, a beautiful easel and paint brushes, a variety of journals and pens, a yoga mat, etc. Every person will want and need different tools and decor to create an escape that is relaxing. Do what you can to decorate your space in a way that is meaningful and comfortable for you. Make it somewhere you’re always happy to be.

Create Visual Appeal

The space needs to look inviting, be careful to not make it too cluttered. Add things like your favorite fresh flowers or plants, great colors, inspiring art, photographs, etc. Also, the mind likes symmetry so organize the space in a way that feels balanced. Find equilibrium as if you’re balancing a scale.

Create Ambiance

woman in white tank top holding black chopsticks

You have your space set up. Now, add music of white noise that is calming and grounding. Music and sound are optional and the type is completely up to you. This is, after all, your space. You can also use free YouTube channels if you feel more connected with sounds of nature or meditative music.

Next, consider how you can add to the soothing ambiance with fragrance. Research shows that aromatherapy may help with depression, difficulty sleeping, anxiety and fatigue.

Create ambiance with the benefit of aromatherapy and the aesthetic appeal with the minimalistic and serene frosted glass jar candles. The soft frosted jar allow the light of the flame to shine through when burning.

With the rise of the new technologies our lives have become super organized, but we are not happier. We need to slow down and find time for ourselves. A personal space can help you achieve a state of balance and peace inside, so you can share your joy and energy with others. I invite you to pause, to find a moment of stillness and to enjoy the simple pleasure of spending a little time alone.

Create Mood Lighting

Make sure the lighting fits the space. The lighting will depend on how you’re using the space. Natural light can help create your feeling of serenity. Bright light is more conducive to writing and reading. You want to go with dim, soft lighting if you’re practicing yoga or meditating.

Be okay with spending time by yourself for yourself.

Takeawayswoman in black dress sitting on chair

  • Choose a space that is quiet and allows you to relax.
  • Consider having music nearby so you can listen to soothing sounds or inspiring music.
  • Make sure everyone in your home knows about your special space. A simple note on the door is always a good way to alert family that you don’t want to be disturbed.
  • Choose a space that has the right lighting.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t dedicate an entire room. A corner or alcove can work if you use room screens or add objects to the space to define the zone as your special area.
  • Consider the use of candles to create a serene environment and celebrate the beauty and simplicity of nature.

Eventually, you will find that your mind will automatically start to relax as soon as you enter your personal retreat.

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