Beyond Aesthetics : Striving to Become a Holistic Interior Decorator

Mar 9, 2024

In the realm of interior design, practitioners vary in their approaches. While some focus solely on aesthetics or practicality, others delve deeper, seeking to create spaces that nurture holistic wellness. In our community, the focus extends beyond mere aesthetics to how spaces evoke emotions and support our clients long after the project concludes. With that in mind, here are 20 signs that you embody holistic design principles, perhaps without even realizing it.

a group of stones sitting on top of a piece of paper

1. You believe in the power of design to positively impact the energy and well-being of your clients.

2. Despite facing obstacles, you’re unwavering in your commitment to holistic design, driven by a sense of purpose.

3. Nature’s healing elements captivate you, inspiring you to integrate them into your designs for their therapeutic benefits.

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4. Your heightened sensitivity allows you to perceive subtle nuances in environments, though it sometimes complicates client connections.

5. Visualizing the end result comes naturally to you; you can envision spaces in their entirety before embarking on a project.

6. As an introvert, you crave depth and authenticity in your interactions, often feeling out of sync with superficial aspects of the industry.

7. You sense a lack of soul and purpose in conventional interior design practices, yearning for deeper meaning in your work.

8. Social interactions, especially those filled with drama, drain your energy, leaving you seeking solace in quieter spaces.

9. You’re drawn to collaborators not just for their skill, but for the energy and synergy they bring to your projects

10. Clients gravitate towards you seeking not just design expertise, but emotional support and understanding.

11. Walking into a home, you immediately sense its energy and the emotions of its inhabitants.

12. Your innate generosity compels you to go above and beyond to help others, sometimes neglecting your own needs.

13. Innovative problem-solving is your forte; you thrive on finding unconventional solutions to design challenges.

14. The toxicity of social media exhausts you, prompting you to seek refuge in more meaningful pursuits.

15. Strangers and clients alike confide in you, drawn to your empathetic presence and non-judgmental demeanor.

16. You find solace in introspection, often retreating into your thoughts for inspiration and clarity.

17. Intuitive Connection: You possess an intuitive connection with your clients, allowing you to understand their needs beyond surface-level requirements. This intuitive bond enables you to craft spaces that resonate deeply with their essence and support their holistic well-being.

18. Mindful Material Selection::Your approach to material selection goes beyond aesthetics and durability; you prioritize materials that are sustainable, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. By consciously choosing materials that promote health and harmony, you contribute to a holistic living environment for your clients.

19. Emotional Design Sensitivity: You’re attuned to the emotional impact of design choices, recognizing that spaces can evoke a wide range of emotions. With this sensitivity, you strive to create environments that foster positivity, tranquility, and emotional balance, enhancing the overall well-being of occupants.

20. Lifelong Learning and Growth: You embrace a mindset of continuous learning and growth, seeking out knowledge and practices that enrich your understanding of holistic design principles. Whether it’s studying ancient philosophies, exploring modern wellness trends, or attending workshops on energy flow, you’re dedicated to evolving as a holistic interior designer.

At times, we allow external voices to question the significance of our work or succumb to fear, hindering our ability to make a meaningful impact. As a holistic designer, it’s crucial to align with our purpose, even if we hesitate to fully express ourselves for fear of judgment. However, worrying about others’ perceptions only limits our potential. Instead, it’s essential to recognize that external opinions hold no sway over our intrinsic worth.

a snake in a bowl

Let’s embrace our role as healers within the realm of interior design. My hope is for you to be kinder to yourself, to find solace in meditation, prayer, or journaling, and to liberate yourself from self-imposed constraints. By releasing fears and embracing our inherent qualities, we create space for boundless growth as holistic designers.




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